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  2. Hi all, a quick update! Ive been taking 2 x 500mg now for a month ( + 2 x 500gm Vitamin C + a general Vitamin D tab I have ben taking since Covid appeared in the world! ) , morning and early evening and have definitely felt some more clarity in thought and generally mental well being - i've been 'working hard' on my HPPD the last couple of months ( after a real bad flare up that really affected me and set me back a LONG time, I could have would off a bridge honestly, but I didn't of course! and am really concentrating on the anxiety side now as that has been tough - since the Vitamin '
  3. This is great news @Blossy that it seems to be working for you! I'm thinking of trying it starting tomorrow. @Fawkinchit, how long would you recommend one taking 500-1000mg daily for? I've heard Niacin can have a negative impact on the liver if used in large quantities regularly...
  4. Last week
  5. The head pressure and brainfog is completely gone, most likely thanks to Lamotrigine. My worst symptom today is the disgusting visual snow and derealization that varies in intensity day to day. God i hate this shit.
  6. 41-42 years with this shit? I feel for you man, atleast i got 31 years with a clear vision and no derealization.
  7. Hey mate, how are your symptoms now? I've had hppd for about 5 years now and I'm considering looking into treating it again. Would you also be able to link the exact product you bought? @Samy-M Thanks mate.
  8. Does anyone have similar hppd or advice? I’d be grateful for any input, thanks.
  9. Hello Family, I wanted to share the updated donate page of the NRF. Please have a read, suggest changes and above all, after all is said and done, please share it. Thanks https://www.neurogroup.org/donate/
  10. I tried it after seeing the hype on reddit... Did nothing for me, sadly. Tastes like shit too
  11. Hi, I’m wondering if there’s some people in the same position as me. I took mushrooms frequently until I had a bad trip. Basically ever since then I have almost normal open eye vision but my cev, is usually vivid. It’s getting in the way of my sleep now so I’m very worried. If you have/had similar hppd, please let me know. Any advice would be great.
  12. To be entirely honest I haven't read much on PQQ, as far as I understand though it is good for mitochondria. Niacin right now is the best I have seen for mitochondria though. Better than CoQ10 even.
  13. https://jnnp.bmj.com/content/early/2021/07/13/jnnp-2020-325881 Localised increase in regional cerebral perfusion in patients with visual snow syndrome: a pseudo-continuous arterial spin labelling study
  14. Could PQQ help I've read its suppose to protect and grow mitochondria
  15. They should help for sure, to assist in proper functioning of mitochondria, mitochondria are massively dense in synapses, and make all the work happen so they are crucial for a well function brain. Antioxidants may not make you live forever, but they do support and assist mitochondria massively, and niacin appears to be something special. So just eating healthy foods, fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains, will boost all these levels. Its a great place to start absolutely.
  16. So antioxidants will help lower oxidative stress and free radicals that seem to be the problem because they cause mitochondria to become dysfunctional?
  17. I can't really say that it has because mine got significantly better to the point where I'm not really in a position to try things out, my symptoms now are so vague it would be hard for me to tell improvement. Realistically as well any improvement would simply just mean slight improvement to 100% symptom free. The only symptoms I have anymore is if I drink too much coffee, I've also noticed an increase in heart rate after eating potatoes lol, but that could be completely unrelated, although it does seem to give me some mild anxiety. I think as well my brain doesn't regulate normal anxiolytic r
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  19. Has this helped you? Have you got better by removing free radicals?
  20. Interesting! I saw a post by someone who claims to have gotten HPPD by an NMDA antagonist. See also: Olney's lesions Although NMDA antagonists were once thought to reliably cause neurotoxicity in humans in the form of Olney's lesions, recent research suggests otherwise. Olney's lesions involve mass vacuolization of neurons observed in rodents.[18][19] However, many suggest that this is not a valid model of human use, and studies conducted on primates have shown that use must be heavy and chronic to cause neurotoxicity.[20][21] A 2009 review found no evidence of ketamine
  21. 4 years and half in and things get better with time, first two years were really hard for me too. Really try to be sober man I was being reckless with drugs and alcohol and it definitely got on the way of my recovery.
  22. Yeah my appearance changed since HPPD because I look tired as I sleep bad, and I have dry eyes now so I often look like I just smoked a joint and I don't look good this way lol, eyes are small and make me look old. It bothers me but what can I do, sometimes my symptoms randomly get better for a few hours and the change in my face is notable, I look like the "normal" me. When this happens my GF who met me post-HPPD often comments on how big my eyes are lol But like other said most people even close friends don't think I've changed at all which is weird, I feel like 50% me To answ
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