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How does it work when you




How does it work when you purchase Adwords or Sponsored Links in Google or other Search Engines? If I pay for each click on my listings can I be charged for fraudulent clicks from a competitor who wants to hurt my business or budget?The simple answer is yes. You will be charged and fraudulent practices do occur.Let start by understanding the basics. You have a website or business you wish to market online. How do you market it then? One method is to sponsor or purchase a link to the side or top of search engine results. For the search engines such as Google, it is the core of their business. From the sponsor perspective it could lead to fantastic results in growth business. How?Imagine you are an online trash compactor business. Say that you are unknown in the internet. Now, you know that in your local area of distribution there are a million potential customers. Furthermore, the search term online trash compactor is requested two million times per year. You purchase the term with a budget from Google. ButIt can also create competitors to generate fraudulent clicks to either deplete your budget for adwords or to increase the cost per click to such a high level that you wont be able to afford the adwords. So, little do you know that the competitor is behind-your-back clicking on the adword from Google thereby using your budget.So, not only are you spending the money but you オナホール are also NOT getting the business!This was announced by Google years ago:We have regularly paid refunds related to fraudulent clicks and expect to do so in the future. . .If we are unable to stop this fraudulent activity, these refunds may increase. . .If we are unable to remain competitive and provide value to our advertisers, they may stop placing ads with us, which would negatively affect our net revenues and business.We at otlix.com have seen this happen numerous times. We had one situation where a fierce competitor of one client was causing thousands of dollars in adwords. How did we rectify the situation? We followed up with Google on the adwords campaigns, and we also worked with the client to build up the organic search of the site. Organic search optimization is where you improve and enhance the pages of the site to better promote the business naturally without paying for the traffic.Adword campaigns are still a necessity of the business. Most can not achieve level growth without buying the traffic. Just remember there are some key points to consider: Use a budget and strictly enforce the budget in the first couple of months. Try many terms and many approaches to perfect the adwords. Use rotating banners or text to measure the effectiveness of the different text lines. Consider using a Otlix consultant to help you gain your best return on your investment.MediaFane Articles is powered by Otlix Ad Server solutions for Publishers and Advertisers.Otlix has been dedicated to optimizing the use of media since 2006. They provide media ローター solutions as Ad Serving, Ad Delivery, Ads Rotation, Video Advertising and Ad Management tools. These tools can be used to simplify and better ad グッズ Campaigns, and they give you a comprehensive overview of all of your campaigns with their smart Analytics and Statistics system.



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