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blog-0625352001386567959.jpg2010 taxi 12s for sale European Championships

Vlasios Maras, Greece: Lovely Pegan (double front half out), hop full. Tak full, hecht. Stalder 1.5 to Endo, One armed work. Stuck double double layout. The Greek coaches are hugging each other and jumping around! 15.4. Great score to start out with.

Epke Zonderland, Netherlands: Stalder to Healy, tucked Kovacs immediate Kolman, caught a touch close. Bends his arms on the giant after a bit, but such a gutsy combination. Tak full to hecht. Hop full. Double double layout, moved one foot just a little. Two places where he bent his arms to get around, but still an awesome routine. 15.375. Fair, I think, because Maras was a bit cleaner.

Jeffrey Wammes, Netherlands: Mounts with Stalder, Healy. Tak half to Tkatchev half caught in mixed grip, cool. Stalder 1.5. Tak full to hecht like everyone else. Nice jam. Hop full. Good double double layout. Like Zonderland's, it was high and clean. Landed with legs apart but didn't move his feet. 15.025.

Yann Cucherat, France: Kolman, nice stalder 1.5. Great Tak full to Hecht. Healy. Tak half. Full twisting double layout with a small hop. Smiles, kisses his hand and extends it to the appreciative crowd. Big smile. 15.025 ties him for third with Wammes.

Aljaz Pegan, Slovenia: Stalder healy mount. Pegan, his signature move, well done with knees together. Can he get through the dismount? Hop 1.5. Stalder 1.5. Misses Tak half and has to do a forward giant and regroup. Tkatchev half. Missed a handstand or two. Hop full. Triple back, knees touch the ground. Too bad. Shakes hands with all the other competitors as he comes down off the podium. Announcer mentions that Pegan has been competing in gymnastics since 1980. The British journalist beside me remarks, "Oh my God, I wasn't even born then." 13.8.

Philipp Boy, Germany: Tak half, Tkatchev layout. Really high Kolman. One arm giant. Tak full to Hecht. Stalder 1.5. Hop full. Full twisting double layout with the very smallest of hops. Says something in German as he raises his arms. Looks relieved, actually. Big hug from coach Andreas Hirsch as he comes down from the podium. He's very happy with that. 15.35, in bronze position right now.

Fabian Hambuchen, Germany: Good piked Kovacs. Good Kolman. Good layout Tkatchev into hop 1.5. Stalder 1.5. Stoop to inverts. Little struggle on the Tak full to hecht, well covered. Hop full. Full twisting double layout with a small hop. He led qualification on this event, but I am not sure that will be enough to overtake Maras.15.35 ties him with Boy. 7.0 D score.

Roman Kulesza, Poland: Boy: Nice swing. Tak half to Tkatchev layout. Catches Kolman but can't swing out of it, bends his legs. Double double layout, nice. Well, there you go, the title goes to Maras. 14.225.

Right after Kulesza landed a mass exodus started from the NIA.

High bar: 1. Maras, 2. Zonderland, 3. Boy/Hambuchen. This is Maras's fifth European title on high bar he also won in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2009.

Yann Cucherat, France: So smooth, like always. Giant double back. Tippelt. Healy. Double pike with a very small hop. Great routine from the defending European champion. 15.275.

Adam Kierzkowski, Poland: Straddle cut. Two giants to one bar. Also very smooth. Front straddle somie. Tippelt. Stuck double pike. Great routine. 15.1. Cucherat had 0.2 more difficulty.

Roman Kulesza, Poland: Very interesting routine with some variations on Tippelts, front somies, etc. Thing is, I can't tell if some of the stuff he did was in error or not, honestly. Step back on double pike. 15.025. Guess they weren't errors.

Daniel Purvis, Britain: Shouts of "C'mon Dan!" can be heard across the arena. Kip straddle cut. Giant, giant Diamadov, giant. Uprise, front straddle somie. Diamadov. Wonderful toepoint. Double pike with just a small hop back. 14.425.

And now there's a snapping, tapping sound that is actually rain on the roof, or so we're told. (I thought the photographers were going a bit nuts over Daniel Purvis.)

Manuel Carballo, Spain: Very nice lines, like all of the finalists. Double pike with a small hop forward. 14.675. Extraordinary skill. Uprsie to front somie, also well done. Stuck the double pike. Pumps his arms, big smile. 15.075 puts him third so far. Too low, IMO.

Vasileios Tsolakidis, Greece: Double front pike between the rails. Double pike with just a little step/hop. He claps his hands, very happy with that routine. 15.2, 6.3 D score.

Hamilton Sabot, France: English handstand on one bar, double back, front Diamadov, Tippelt, Stutz. Really has everything in the book in this routine. Good double pike, stuck. Execution not as good as some though, IMO. 15.1, 6.5 D score.

Parallel bars: 1. Cucherat, 2. Tsolakidis, 3. Kierzkowski/Sabot

Marek Lyszczarz, Poland: Handspring double front "smacked it," according to the reporter sitting next to me.15.925. Stuck Tsuk double. Great performance from the Pole. 15.675, 15.8 average.

Matthias Fahrig, Germany: Dragulescu (handspring double front) with a hop forward. Good for him for going for it. Does a front handspring while going down the runway for his second vault. He's always flipping around! Must have been a fun kid to be around. 16.15. Tsuk 2.5, decent, with a hop. Some form in the air, crossed legs. 15.775, 15.962 average.

Flavius Koczi, Romania: Tsuk double. Decent. Koczi tends to be a little pikey and flex footed when he twists on vault, and a guy who also does a Tsuk triple should be able jordan 12 taxi for sale to do a double in a better position. 15.55. Randi second vault. No triple today, hmm. 16.3, 15.925 average, not enough to overtake Fahrig.

Yann Rayepin, France: Tsuk double pike with a big step back. Actually better performed than he has during the past few competitions. This time he actually had enough power to get it around, though his pike position is also a little questionable. 15.675. Sat down handspring double front, not even close. Raypein is wearing a crimson colored top that is Yann Cucherat's brand (yes, he has a brand of gymnastics clothing). 14.575, 15.125 average.

Tomi Tuuha, Finland: Nearly stuck Tsuk 2.5, just a very small hop backward. Good form in the air. 15.55. Handspring front double full, great landing absolutely electrifies Tuuha, who cries "Yeah!" and pumps his arms, claps his hands and runs off the podium completely elated. 16.0, 15.975 taxi 12s takes the lead from Fahrig! Tuuha is jumping up and down, hugging everybody!

Jeffrey Wammes, Netherlands: Nice Yurchenko 2.5 with a little hop forward. Very clean. 15.925. Followed by a rather sloppy double twisting handspring front layout with a step back. Legs bent in the air. 15.8, 15.862 average.

Spotted: Marius Urzica jordan 12 taxi among the Romanian coaches. Yes, he's still got the mustache (that's how you spot him).

Marcel Nguyen, Germany: Very good Tsuk 2.5 with a small hop forward. 15.9. Nguyen is absolutely coming into his own here this is his third event final and he's nailed his routines in the other two. Handpsring double front, a little underrotated and has to take a couple steps back. Not the greatest in the air, rather cowboyed. 15.6, 15.75 average.



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