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the Seiko Holdings Corporation specializes in timepieces




Founded in Tokyo in 1881, the Seiko Holdings Corporation specializes in timepieces, mechanical tools, jewelry, eyeglasses and other items. Revered for their precision craftsmanship, Seiko wristwatches are one of the company's most successful items. Older Seiko units are coveted among repairmen and collectors for their fully mechanical function and reliability. The circular shell that houses the mechanical parts of the watch is known as the case, and identifying whether yours is a Seiko unit is quick and simple. Place your watch on a microfiber Canada Goose куртки towel to protect it from dust and scratching. Turn Canada Goose МУЖЧИНАМде the watch face down so that the back of the case faces up. Clean away any surface dirt using a camel's hair brush and air blower bulb. On very old watches, residue can build up and mask identification information. Inspect the lower half of the back of the case for the "SEIKO" brand name. Use a jeweler's loupe to magnify your view of the case if you have poor eyesight. Find the serial number, printed just above the "SEIKO" name. The first four characters in the serial are your case's caliber code, which denotes the unit's specific mechanical construction. Record the caliber code and the rest of the serial for your records. If you ever have the watch appraised, you will need this information. Check that the face of шевые Canada Goose the watch reads "SEIKO" to ensure authenticity. Very old units may not have "SEIKO" printed on the face. If you are still unsure about the authenticity of your Seiko case, bring the unit into a professional watch repair service for inspection. Do not attempt to disassemble your Seiko case if you are inexperienced with wristwatch repair.



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