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David S. Kozin




Can we raise the funds to send me? I will prepare http://www.2013.isri...n/scholarships/

Then the Abstract is due In a week. I am submitting my application with support from a founding member and support for:

The Society for Participatory Medicine will grant a partial or full scholarship to any individual orInnovator Organization who demonstrates involvement in participatory medicine for whom the membership fee would be a burden.

This will allow me to use the Society's Logo on Presentations and add it along with my ability to present. I will speak with a few scholars in the field who may want to co-author a presentation.

The Time to Change the Narrative for HPPD (More accurately, the collection of visual & other perceptual alterations often associated, but not required for the onset, with hallucinogen use and currently has no valid diagnostic criteria despite a distinct history in the literature of medicine as having distinct diagnostic boundaries currently ignored by the APA's DSM-5 substance abuse work group because we lack epidemelogical data and characterization. I have a characterization survey ready, and I am working on finding a co-sponsor w/IRB to approve the test to be administered to our group.

We must direct the message clearly, and do so without holding on to old ideas in order to allow ourselves to accept new changes if the science and results show something different than the scare articles about HPPD say.

- dk




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