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I'm trying to write some poetry or lyrics as a kind of self-help therapy. It really makes you deal with your feelings. I'd love to see some more so feel free to share yours if you do have any.


I find myself within the void.

Restless days and broken bones.

To chase these thoughts day to day.

As time is bending within my head.

Seeking closure but fatality reigns.

An avalanched mind continues to prevail.

The sunstorm is coming. Stay or run.

Searching for the damage that's already been done.

I flipped a coin but it went right through my hand.

Ghosting through life as the party disbands.

Mirrored friend, where did you go?

My soul's entombed, can't feel no more.

Mirrored self, why did you leave?

My vision is fucked, I can not see. Snowblind. Lightstruck.

I fear the world and the hysteria outside.

I fear my head and the war inside.

Erased myself for a sinner's haze.

Passing out in the dark. Wormhole awaits.



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once upon a time there was something called sanity

i desire to one day see it again

i cannot chase it like a dragon no

i cant have it unlike everything else


i sit in bed distracting myslelf

kissing my youth goodbye

the darker i get, the brighter i feel

my residue on this website can cause nightmares 


so im not going to get too dark

the void is contagious

these notes should be locked in a safe

so instead of living my life


i am trying to recover

The universe is unforgiving

i tried to cheat my way thru life

it could be worse


much worse

losing an arm.

losing my family.

cancer. aids.


both optimism and pessimism make the glass full

to cure my depression... but to what ?

i will kiss reality with unsurmountable love

if i see it again


marijuana is my addiction 

but i will have to let her go

it is probably for the better 

we all have to rationalize somehow 


logic is so extreme  - a double edged sword

controlling my own logic is upmost importance 

to stay alive in this meaningless world


how could i have been so naive?

reality hit me like a tidal wave 

a series of tidal waves.

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger


rationalization both positive and negative

doing my best to keep this balance


so that i can survive the challenges that life throws at me in the future

life doesnt owe me shit

i cant escape my problems no more 

life is a double edged sword


<3 thanks for giving me the chance to express myself, really needed it <3


we can supply each other with hope over these photons of light beams of pixels of symbols of words of logic of mental processing of subjective perception 

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing @LethargicAcid


Here's another shorter one:


A mirrored haze of countless days.

Cleanse the mind from psychic haste.

Dampen these visions in the dark.

Stop these images that continues to haunt.


For all I loved, I weap this night.

Stuck between a lifelong fight.

It comes in waves to hunt me down.

Connection's lost that can't be found.


And I didn't even knew what I was looking for in the first place. I've danced in the dark for way too long now. Leave the door open tonight. I'm not afraid anymore.

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Here's a simple sijo I wrote, hope you like it!

The sun falls, as I had felt: Brightly sanguine, Not seeming set.

Field by fire, no more than myself: Dangerous red, burnt cigarette.

Slowed by dark, but light mind and eyes: Stretched as stars, Bursting sunrise

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