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need help seeking treatment, where to start??




hi everyone iv had hppd for just on a year now and in that time done very little about it i guess i figured if i ignored it for long enough it would go away im just wondering wheres a good place to start with getting treatment iv talked to doctors about it but generlly they have the attitude of ive never hered of it so your wasting my time its also hard for me to talk about somthing like this to someone i dont really no does anyone no who i can talk to who will understand or at least no what im talking about like a counciller or somthing i live in sydney australia so if by chance anyone has had seccess with a piticler person that would be very helpfull

ps this website got me through some very hard times its just so conforting to no your not alone and that hppd is a real thing thank you very much for making this website



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Guest cosmicslop


im in australia too and all i can say is it just takes time, alot of it. just remember it will pass, and its only temporary :) reassuring yourself that you haven't caused any brain damage really helped me. also doing exercise, and stopping all drugs including caffeine, nicotine and alcohol has helped so far. i also take fish oil every day and an anti-depressant although my anti-depressants kind of increase the visual symptoms. not dwelling on it also helps. i'm going to try some Valerian because i've heard its very effective, if its not then i have a valium prescription which i'm going to try next. what are your symptoms?

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