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You have about six seconds




You have about six seconds to make an impact on visitors to your website. Dont waste your keyword research, the time invested in your web design, or the information youve compiled by failing to make a good impression. Dont throw away the time youve spent in lead generation, or the money youve spent in adwords. Be an effective internet marketer; keep your visitor on your website and entice him to return! Check these fundamentals against your homepage. Be Knowledgeable. The first hurdle you must overcome is that of credibility. That is, you must engender trust for your visitors to become customers. Offer a great deal of information, targeted to the keywords that brought your visitors in. Offer solutions they are looking for in the form of articles and ebooks. Discretely list your awards or qualifications for answering questions and providing solutions. Be friendly. Check to be sure that your website is easily navigable and every page is available in no more than three clicks. Check for broken links within your website! Make it possible for visitors to contact you, so they feel a connection with you. Be helpful. Along with providing your own prepared ゴローズ ピアス resources, list additional helps. You may wish to become an affiliate, if it is possible, for some of the recommendations you make, thereby getting a benefit yourself. Construct a FAQ page to list answers to commonly asked questions. Be persuasive. Although you do not want to hit your visitor in the nose with your product or service, he is at your website to get a problem solved, so sell him the solution. List every possible benefit in language that sings. Speak to his pain, and remind him he can leave with problem solved, or ongoing pain. Be persistent. Marketing experts claim that it takes between nine and twenty-seven contacts to make a sale, so be sure to capture the visitors name and email with an opt-in for further contact. Once hes given you permission, you can regularly send more helpful information and reminders of the solution you have that he needs. Make your offer in exchange for his email one he cant refuse. There are special challenges in internet marketing that can be overcome by having the correct elements on a website. Check yours against this list for results that turn visitors into customers.By: Ben CurtisArticle Directory: Curtis has Ben there, done that, and helps newbies on the ゴローズ ブレスレット net avoid the pitfalls. His new ebook, Earn Your First $100 Online, is the perfect ゴローズ ブログ 2014 guidebook for new affiliate marketers. Check it out here: bens-marketing-magic.com/products/earnonline/index.html Want to earn money freelancing? Go here: ezinearticles.com/?Ghostwriting-As-Your-Goldmine&id=1664864



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