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As a result, Imprezzeo achieves




As a result, Imprezzeo achieves significantly better and more relevant search results because it identifies images that match what the user is really looking for unlike keyword-based searches that frequently return totally unrelated images. Imprezzeos proprietary software is based on an amalgam of content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and facial recognition technologies developed at the University of Wollongong and the University of Queensland in Australia.Imprezzeos technology base can be used in any number of different applications. The primary application is image search using images to search for other images held in an online digital photo library, an internally-generated digital image collection, an online photo-sharing site or an internet search engine.Using Imprezzeo, the user can better refine a set of returned images by selecting those which resemble what they are looking for. By analysing the characteristics of the selected sample, the Imprezzeo engine can quickly コロンビア 通販 and seamlessly re-order the results, or indeed the whole image collection, to show the images that best match the sample. The user could even upload images from their own collection to use as the sample. Either way, Imprezzeo delivers accuracy and speed, even when dealing with collections sizes running into millions of images.This dramatically enhances the search experience for the user, saving time and producing much more relevant search results. It also benefits the content provider a photo agency, for example because they will be able to generate more usage and sales by delivering a wider and more relevant range of images; and it assists those agencies in promoting greater loyalty.In using Imprezzeo, image providers need not abandon their existing search engines and dont need to change the way they currently search. Imprezzeo has been designed to complement existing search engines by acting as a very powerful refinement tool after any initial image results set has been returned which is invariably the point at which many users become frustrated and quit their searches. Beyond image search, Imprezzeo is currently building a suite of further proprietary applications including: image processing workflow tools to drive cost reduction in the processing and management of image content image identification finding where images are being re-produced onlineDermot Corrigan, CEO, Imprezzeo, comments: Not only does Imprezzeo deliver top and bottom-line impact for those in the business of commercialising digital image content, but we also present the user of any image search engine with a much more rewarding search experience.investmentImprezzeo got its initial seed and further development capital investment from INM in June 2007, and has spent the past year コロンビア ブーツ refining its software applications and patents. The companys management team includes CEO, Dermot Corrigan, who has worked previously for Frost & Sullivan; LexisNexis; PR コロンビア 服 Newswire; and Wolters Kluwer. Imprezzeos CTO, Peter Chin, has worked previously at Gilbarco, Logica, Aspect Computing and KAZ (a Telstra company). Kurt Dressel, Imprezzeos Vice President, Sales, has worked for Vio Worldwide; Pindar Systems; Quark, Inc; and Gannett Media Technologies. Imprezzeo has offices in London and Sydney. Gavin OReilly, Group COO, INM, comments: Imprezzeo is simply unlike any other image-based search proposition in the market today, because it is based on two cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing relevant image search results each and every time. Using images to search for images is what the market is looking for, and we see Imprezzeo as a core complementary technology for search engines that will transform the way users search for images.By: CarrotcommsArticle Directory: more information, please contact: Kate Hartley, Carrot CommunicationsTel: +44 207 386 4862 / email kate.hartley@carrotcomms.co.uk



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